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02-22-2013, 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
I would prefer it if you could just use a regular character in the Foundry (perhaps by cloning them into it) and just have no rewards or any drops occure in the Foundry itself.
I agree. The devs could have you log in as a toon, then decide if you'll enter the galaxy or work on the Foundry. Or they could have Foundry "access points" on starbases, as well as at the various holodecks throughout the galaxy. The access points could include places for authors to post their work, as well as options to subscribe and browse specific authors' works. But Quark's Bar doesn't even have holosuites yet. So it'll be a while.

Now if, at the very least, I could use the dilithium exchange to turn that dilithium into Zen, and then either spend the Zen or transfer it to my normal characters (which you can do between two normal toons, I hear), that would at least be a solution. I can't believe the devs wouldn't think of that.

How did I evenget dilithium in the first place, anyway?