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02-22-2013, 05:19 PM
Originally Posted by dem613 View Post
Can anyone help me out with this question - I completed Mission:Coliseum and chose the Reman shields, but how are the other 2 acquired?

I read online something having to do with tiers, but I do not really understand that. It also says something about completing the Vault Shuttle Event and through the Reputation system - Can you only do Vault event with 5 players? and How does someone do the Reputation stuff (I'm reading about it but having troubel understanding it - is it only multiplayer and is it available whenever?
There are other missions around that same mission under the Romulan missions. You can look at the missions and the rewards for the missions to find the ones that give you the rest of the set.

The Romulan rep everyone is talking about is a way to grind out better gear then what you get from the mission.

But if you are looking to complete the set you received from the mission, don't worry about the rep system.
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