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Dear Crypitc,

could you please explain to me why a purple Borg duty Officer that used to cost the equivalent of 4x 1024 dilithium ore now cost 15.000 refined Dilithium?

Same with the ground weapons: A ground weapon did cost 1 prototype borg salvage or 20 encrypted Borg chips, which translated into 2304 dilithium ore. Now the same weapons cost 9400 refined dilithium.

It might not be so bad if the cost were in omega marks, which would mean 1500 omega marks for the Borg duty officer or 940 omega marks for the ground weapons - Still overpriced. But you demand refined dilithium, which is needed at every turn for various fleet and reputation projects and has a very small bottleneck of about 8000 dilithium per day.

I will not speak about the prices in the Romulan reputation store, because there I have not previous figures. But I would like to point out that I do not shop in that store either.
Let me get this straight -

(1) Stahl & Company decided to take the EDC/Salvage token system and trash it in spite of their only having to add "trade up" options at the vendors. (2) In place of that they implement weeks-long "reputation" grind where you have to buy the privilege-to-buy-items before you can buy them. (3) They jacked the prices up several times over on said items. And (4) either people don't understand this or, worse, are condoning it given some of the responses you've received.

Why aren't we petitioning CBS to shut this down?

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