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02-22-2013, 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by contrarydecision View Post
Pretty much. The animosity I get from some people when they inquire honestly confuses me.
I think what you're seeing is frustration over the fleet system in general, not really aimed at you.

$25 is already seen as a lot for a C-Store ship, to say nothing of the $50 3-packs. To throw 6-7 months of high-level grinding on top of it (I know it's only $20 if you need the full 4, but still, 6-7 months of work, even if it's game play, is a lot), and that it's a single character unlock... well, that's a lot more than a lot of people are happy about facing. Myself included, really. Also, although it's difficult to get top dollar for high-value commodities such as FSMs and keys in order to raise the necessary funds, as I found out with my own little fundraiser not long ago, it can be done, and I don't know if people realize that. Finally add in the general sentiment that one must leave their fleet to partake in the goods, so to speak, even if it's only for a few minutes. The result is people not terribly happy about the way things have fallen out.

This is not to denigrate your accomplishment; it is a high one. I am in fact one of your customers if I've read this thread right and you are who I think you are, and I've been loving my fleet ship. I'm also rather happy I have the account unlock. To me, at least, your pricing is very understandable. However, the fleet system has always bothered me a great deal in this regard, and I imagine others are in the same boat.