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02-22-2013, 07:23 PM
I wanted to relate my personal experience of an Arena match I had recently. I do not PvP much at all and just took my tac defiant with his standard PvE build (posted under warship thread on fed ships too lazy to find it) to see if it was still as silly as I remember it.

I don't recall who or what was on my team. The enemy team had two players from fleets I recognize as being decent from these forums. Their was a kitty carrier, a timeship escort, two cruisers, and either an AFK or not worth remembering fifth.

That was the most boring half hour of STO in a long time for me. I died twice. Not sure if someone was healing me or not but literally I would get nuked, denoobed, drained, and focused and still get away with EM (had nothing to break tractors) typically.

Offensively I would slaughter the timeship with a well timed semi burst, could wear down one of the cruisers, but the other cruiser and the kitty carrier were pretty much invincible even with the entire team firing upon them. I pumped more than enough damage into that stupid carrier to kill a gate+tac cube and it was mildly annoyed.

We won by killing their escort more times than I died. It was boring. There was very little give n take beyond getting hurt and using an ability to fix it. No plans on going back for awhile.

Increase raw HP, decrease healing effectiveness, have fun game!