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No offense taken, but I think I'll judge the success or failure for myself.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
I'll be frank here and after I read your post I equipped the reman on my voquv tank and tried it. It had been a year since I used it.. just to see if the changes really were that good.

Result: ISE, just facing the first cube and 2 spheres my shields were GONE in the opening minute. That never, ever happened with the KHG shield or any shield with resists (plasma specifically). In fact I wouldn't have even gone under 90% shields in that situation. But the reman just dropped to its knees faster than a white house intern.
Well we must be talking about two different sets of shield. The Reman set XII only became available in the past month at T5 romulan reputation. To my knowledge - and I could be wrong - the XII set is effectively new, and have had changes made to then in the Feb 14th(?) update.

So how did you get the Prototype Reman XII set a year ago?

As for the definition of tanking - and again I could be wrong - is to provide sufficient threat level that the opponents target you, while you use your superior HULL and shields to absorb damage while your team mates deliver damage to him OR you destroy him over time.

I have little difficulty in ANY of the elite STFs. If you died in ISE, I'd be looking at the captain, not the boat.

And please don't take this this as 'my ship is better because...'; this is about one build I am toying with and having a lot of fun tanking. There is no 'one' ship configuration that is better than everything. Much of the anyone's success goes back to the pilot.

Just my two bits.

Admiral Thrax

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