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Originally Posted by chillee View Post
The Gal-X really needs a TAC captain to maximize damage. I have never gotten such a crappy damage score, unless it was firing vs a gate in an Elite STF.

On the other hand, I have never gotten 133K (is that per shot) out of them. I have gotten about 65K each, and I have a screen capture of the combat log to prove it.

The dread is not an escort. Its a really unique ship that is part tank, part team healer, and team sniper for all those FPS vets out there. That is really what the lance is. If you pilot the ship thinking ahead a couple of steps, you'll do well. If twitch is what makes you itch, go fly those pretty escorts!

Uff I don't remembr anymore if it was one or two activations. I think 2 though since I noted that it didn't really hit in that STF
1 activation = 2 shots;
The 2 bad shot were therefore still 33k
Since I remember having shot against shields once it probably did a bit more as the log parser I use doesn't show shield dmg dealt for single weapons.

The maximum max dmg it can do for a tac captain is 100K(crit) per shot I think, that is however if you throw out all buffs at the right time as well as certain other buffs given by other players.
Without these the crit limit should be around 85k

Those were NPC targets though. However it can still one shot a Bortas using Jevonite Hardpoints if you are lucky.

Originally Posted by themarie View Post
I should be able to do 25K+ damage through shields, twice that on unshielded targets.

This is offset by the turn-rate disadvantage and the absurd miss-mechanic. Think of it a roundhouse punch. Everyone knows you do not want the front of this ship pointed at you.

If we left everything else alone and punched up the cannon a few notches... it'd be "perfect" in my eyes.
I prefer a different boff seating, and saucer separation.

Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
I know tactical captains are the "damage dealers" but the gap between them and everyone else is far too big. Hell their FOMM is a better version of science captains Sensor Scan (One of their best powers).
Sci's were never meant to have a DD role.
Engineers in escorts deal a pretty good punch too btw.

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