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Originally Posted by thegrimcorsair View Post
Just don't make the mistake of selling the Fleet Science Ships short, they're pretty much top-to-bottom excellent... except maybe the Fleet DSSV.

The Vesta cannot mimic every possible Nebula layout, nor the Golfball (Fleet Research Science Vessel) or Nova (Fleet Science Vessel). That said, it and the Wells are the level-best choices... just not so far ahead of the other Fleet Sci ships you should feel obligated to buy them.
the fleet DSSV strangely has the 5 sci consoles. would have made more sense and been consistent with the fleet gal and fleet defiant for the intrepid to have the 5 sci consoles. oh well, hardly maters with vesta existing.

i did mention in another post that the nova and golf ball still had a niche, and technically if you slotted a tac in the universal on the neb, that would be unique still.

so the sci ships in game that currently mater are

hospital golfball
nebula, though vesta can basically do what it can do

DSSV, recon, intrepid have no reason to exist with vesta around. though i suppose the recon has 1 better turn then the vesta, but no dhcs or pet hanger.
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