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02-22-2013, 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by tomin8r View Post
I am proposing a bundle to be released in the Z-Store. This bundle would include

D'k Tahg melee weapon
Warrior Goatee (From 25th Anniversary event)
Worf's Baldric (From 25th Anniversary event)
Non-dreadlock hairstyles for Males and Females
Duras Sisters' Uniforms, as seen here;

TOS Movie Era to TNG Style Uniform, as seen here;

and here

This uniform has the shoulder pads built into the main tunic, and is currently unavailable in-game.

Price to be decided, however, it should be in line with the TOS, ENT, and DS9 Bundles, in terms of price.

All this and more. We could use some ST VI outfits and additional head ridges as well.

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