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Yea im not sure where he got escorts have tractor issues what with omega and ap doffs no to mention a backup polarize hull just in case i find that i have to subnuke a escort to hold his squirly arse down....cruisers while can tank had their teeth pulled somewhere around season 3 or 4.

but sadly cryptic wouldnt know balance if it hit them in the face!
I've said it elsewhere, I'll say it here. I'm sick to death of everything in this game spamming tractor beams. In the entire 47 years of Star Trek, we've seen a tractor beam used in combat a grand total of once, perhaps twice (Enterprise D grabbed the Stargazer in the midst of a Picard Manuever in "The Battle," and the Defiant grabbed a Vor'cha class cruiser... I think the episode is "The Way of the Warrior").

That's IT. Almost 50 years of shows and movies and at most TWO instances of tractors being used in combat (and in neither case did it do any damage).

They're FAR too commonplace in STO, and they shouldn't be doing damage.
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