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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the fleet DSSV strangely has the 5 sci consoles. would have made more sense and been consistent with the fleet gal and fleet defiant for the intrepid to have the 5 sci consoles. oh well, hardly maters with vesta existing.

i did mention in another post that the nova and golf ball still had a niche, and technically if you slotted a tac in the universal on the neb, that would be unique still.

so the sci ships in game that currently mater are

hospital golfball
nebula, though vesta can basically do what it can do

DSSV, recon, intrepid have no reason to exist with vesta around. though i suppose the recon has 1 better turn then the vesta, but no dhcs or pet hanger.
That's it in a nutshell. The Intrepid and Rec Sci are still good, just not better than the Vesta, though I'd contend the Vesta's not too much better if Danubes were out of the picture (in all seriousness, who's idea was it to make CC powers on pets automatic and refreshed by launching new pets). All the Fleet Sci ships are moderately to (in the Nebbie's case) significantly tougher than the Vesta. Only the Nebbie and DSSV have worse turn rates than the Vesta. The F-Intrepid ties it, the F-Rec Sci and F-Golfball exceed it by 1, and the F-Nova, well, it's tied with the Wells at 15.

The main thrust of my point is that a person should not feel obligated to fly just the Vesta or Wells, they're top-dogs, but not by so much that you're strictly hurting yourself and your teammates by flying one of the other Fleet Sci ships.

Except, maybe, the Fleet DSSV. That ship is sadness-inducing. It comes off as a kinda of well-rounded Sci ship that doesn't really do anything that the other ones don't just out-sci it at (other than maybe having the biggest potential shield capacity in STO*).

*If you're spamming your Sci Ship's Sci Console slots with Field Gens, yes, you are doing it wrong.
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