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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
The Hidden Data Cache is in a weed growing next to the Embassy building in the Staging Area. Check your minimap for a mission/target circle or arrow indicating a target zone.

When you beam to "Mountain Pass" you're not actually in the Mountain Pass instance. You are still technically in Vastam Peaks. But when you step off the Mountain Pass transporter pad there should be a Romulan Civilian nearby with a quest "Q" icon over his head. He gives you the mission to the Mountain Pass and unlocks the instance. Once you have his mission, head up the path to the right and you will be able to access this as a seperate zone. You bring in a standard away team for the mission, in which you download some data, rescue some hostages and generally disrupt Tal Shiar operations. At the end of this mission you will find your shuttle.
^^ That, and if I may. Check out these *cough* awesome maps + links to STO Wiki for more info.