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02-22-2013, 08:36 PM
Reading the Foundry EULA, and the "No links to Internet URLs allowed" sticks out at me as being ridiculous.

The Foundry is designed to allow authors to create content to enhance the experience of playing STO. In order to do that, authors need to promote their missions and such - and since some people do not visit this forum's Foundry section, it becomes necessary to promote it in-game.

Thus the URLs. Authors may choose to create a promotional video to showcase their mission, or provide supplementary maps or appendices to help players better immersify in the mission, if it's a complex storyline.

I fail to see why this rule exists. I will obey it, since that is the EULA, but I strongly protest. If it's an issue, at least amend the EULA so only user-generated outside content are allowed to be linked via URL in missions. Ex: link to a Photobucket image of a mission's map is OK, but a link to Youtube for a DS9 battle would not be OK.

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