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Originally Posted by ambassadormolari View Post
I am almost at level 10 in game, and I'm already contemplating what I want my Tier 1 ship to be. I am strongly drifting towards an Excalibur-class cruiser, just as a good jack-of-all-trades ship. Although I would like a science vessel for my engineering officer, and although the minelaying ability of the Nova class is very nice, I'm a little put off by how relatively tiny the ship is. That, and my gf is already running a Nova class, and I want to be a bit different.

Seeing as I'm the king of indecision, though, I'm in an ongoing debate as to what to call my next ship (my current Miranda class is the Da Vinci). Here are my list of finalists:


I'm strongly drifting towards the Hadrian, as naming a ship after an emperor who constructed a giant wall seems appropriate for my engineer captain. On the other hand, the Avicenna, Pericles and Ptolemy are also attractive options. Note that if I do change my mind and get a Nova class, I'm definitely calling it the Archimedes.

Any thoughts/preferences on a name?
as long as its not "enterpise" or variations of the spelling. Every time someone names their ship "enterprise" a kitten dies. When they name the captain Kirk or Picard or variations of that a kitten and a puppy die.