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02-22-2013, 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by ryeknow View Post
Well obviously it was broken and the fix wasnt quite that difficult and known. Otherwise they wouldnt have pulled the servers down again in less than 24 hours to patch it. They did a decent job catching this thing before it got out of hand as it did with last weeks butchering of a patch.

Maybe you should read your own sig and use it as advice for yourself and comprehend what was written before you run off that ball washer of yours, FFS. I said I wasnt complaining about the downtime as they were quickly fixing a mistake. Their track record indicates they usually wait a week (sometimes more) to fix these kinds of things.
Actualy I was refering to the multitude of things people complain about being broken that have never been fixed.

Before getting up on your high horse and letting all us lesser beings know exactly how you feel maybe you should look at context rather than just assuming you know everything.

Next time I reply to you I will use small words and fully explain the concept for you so that you can easily understand me.
Actualy reading things pefore posting will make you look smarter than yelling loudly. Reading comprehension is aparently a lost art.

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