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02-22-2013, 09:10 PM
I will here just repost my idea from other thread. Obviously we all kinda point to the same thing. We do not want to make any other ship obsolete, instead making Galaxy viable and interesting choice.


I would go with another route. Judging by the development of the Andorian escort and the 5th weapon slot. I would do this.

Change Galaxy weapon loadout from 4/4, to 5/3.

In the 5th slot, there would be a massive beam array, with just one shot per cycle, with that nifty charge up animation from series. This could only be enhanced by Beam Overload for massive spike.

It would be part of 3 piece set.

2nd piece, would be a dual photon torpedo launcher, which would work like omega launcher with charger. It would have 5 charges, each firing two photons.

The third piece would obviously be saucer separation console.

Now the set bonuses:

2 pieces: +5 to each subsystem power, +10 to SIF and Shield Emmiters
3 pieces : +30 phaser dng (it would thus act as 3rd tactical console)

Now the console layout could remain 5/3/2, because you could basically sacrifice one engineering console for saucer sep and get a tactical console instead via the 3-pieces set.

Same would go for the dreadnought, except for the console layout 5/1/4. While changing the layout to have lt.cmd tac.