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02-22-2013, 11:26 PM
Seriously, people - Mission - Goals -Rewards.

Traders trade with other players. Earn in game currencies from missions. Establish trace routes. Pirates pirate. Scientists discover strange new world since Starfleet is too busy shooting at things.


Money, money, knowledge respectively.


Money, money and the sense of being a badass, neat science stuff.

If properly written, each could provide a valuable source of information about the games background story.

Trader discovers they've been feeding the Tal Shiar and the Iconians. Do they keep it quiet and run afoul of the wrath of the KDF? Pirate have to decide if they're just going to sit around feeding off chaos or if they're going to do the Harlock thing and take the fight to the Iconians. Scientists search for new technologies to use in the fight of uncover past hints about why they were chased out of the galaxy to begin with.

Section 31 could be involved in their actions. The Undine could be manipulating them for some reason. Amd that's just the story. It could be just as simple as trading, fighting, and gaining EC.
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