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02-22-2013, 11:30 PM
I love Capture and Hold but I agree that can be made some improvements.
Your points :
A.) No secure spawn -I agree that spawn point can be camped if you want to do that
B.) No indicators of time left to capture.Yes it would help to exist such things
C.) Uninteresting map.I dont agree.You should think how some of the map points can be used in C&H
D.) All points are open to capture.Yes one of the best features of this map in my opinion
E.) It can go on FOREVER.Yes one of the second best features of this map in my opinion

C&H map is brilliant in my opinion.PVP here is very close to a chess play,and similar to a chess play it can take more than an hour to finish.Leave it as it is otherwise it wouldn't be so interesting.
For who wants fast PVP maps there is alwasy the arena where things settle in 90% of case very fast.