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02-22-2013, 11:33 PM
Originally Posted by lagunad View Post
That is what it displays by default, but you can easily change it to display the more relevant number of damage per time in combat. That variable is called "CharDPS" in ACT.
I've always typed in /combatlog 1 at the beginning of an ESTF and then /combatlog 0 at the end of the STF, before I type gg or grab the last loot.

I thought the value I should be looking at was EncDPS. I've never heard CharDPS. What do you mean by "damage per time in combat?" Do you mean it only measures the times I am firing on a target and doing damage?

Is MaxHit relevant at all? I've been curious about how much spike damage I can do as well.
But, MaxHit seems to be a little wierd. If I drill down under my name, outgoing damage after the last CSE the highest MaxHit damage was Borg Negh'Var Warship: Warp Core Breach. It's almost like it's showing something else's damage under mine.

As far as the OP. Yeah, I agree with everyone- with those numbers you should be fine in an ESTF as long as you can protect yourself as well.