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02-23-2013, 04:42 AM
Because its flashy and cool, or that some are incredibly useful when you know what your doing with them. The trick is working them into a build that also uses their strength. For example my andorian ship build uses beam overload, chain a bo with a wo and say goodnight cause you just took 100k+ energy dmg, followed up by 4 quatum torpedos and 2 DHC + 2 Turrets on rapid fire.

Andorian escort has low survivablity so its best to spike the crap out of a target, torpedos and beams mixed in also cover firing arcs outside of 45 degrees. Lots of people thought 5 DHC would be epic and while it looks like it would be it causes serious inflexability in your defense.

You against 5 DHC in side 45 degree arc = Yousea gonna die. You outside of 5 DHC firing arc = lol poor escort.