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02-23-2013, 05:42 AM
Originally Posted by phoenicius View Post
how exactly are klingon ships inferior again? how exactly does this break the balance with fed ships? every klingon ship(with the exception of the vo'quv) has innate cloak and can equip cannons, which given how beams are currently utterly pathetic is a huge plus.

And the best fed escorts, which are the fleet defiant and HEC are capable of doing similar damage to the new andorian escort.

Also c-store ships have always been better than free ones, i would to love to have perfectly balanced game, but we all know this will never happen in a f2p game.

i love to bash cryptic as much as the next guy due to their utter disregard for fixing bugs, but this is exagerated.
No KDF ship has 5 tac console. No KDF ship has 5 fore weapons. This ship has this. Cloak is really overestimated. I'm flying a Krenn destroyer on my kdf tac and i don't mind about the lack of battle cloak ability, it's not that useful.

Several c-store ship break one rule and get a little edge over other ships in one area, and that's fine. This one already breaks rules in two fields, and it will be 3 if the consoles get an upgrade. Fortunately the boff layout makes a torp almost mandatory, but it's a very small price to pay.