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As he awoke there was a throbbing in his head and Krotious to his recollection had never been hit that hard before. He was still groggy and numb over most of his body and his left eye refused to open. He didn't recognize his surroundings, bright lights, flashing monitors, and flowers but he knew it had to be... Star Fleet. There was a young Human female in a tight fitting uniform attending to a tray of tools singing lightly in a language he didn't understand. What were these Federation fools doing to him? The last he remembered he was aboard a Klingon Bird of Prey in the middle of battle against a Borg sphere.

There was an agonizing pain suddenly tearing through his brain as the device making up half of his face activated and began feeding information directly into his brain. As he yelled out in anguish the young human female called out for her superior officer, the ship's healer. As she entered the room he noticed she, Species 3259: Vulcan-female, was grabbing a hypospray. The human... no, Species Designate Betazoid-female... How could he tell just by looking at her? His head continued to blaze as his systems came online and ran multiple diagnostics.


Dr. E'Saul rushed over and tried to inject him but he grabbed her arm with what looked like some sort of mechanical claw. She was trying to speak to him but he couldn't understand her when suddenly his internal translation matrix activated.

"-sphere adrift in the Gamma Orionis sector, I ask that you try to remain calm, you have been found in the wreckage of your vessel and are being treated for your wounds. I believe it best if you lie back and-"

"ENOUGH WOMAN! Where am I? Where is my ship and what have you done to me?"

The Betazoid nurse hit a small panel on the wall.

"Security!" Fizi yelled.

"I ask that you release me at once, you're hurting my arm." The Doctor stated coldly.

Getting to his feet he pulled Dr. E'Saul closer, he didn't trust her not to sedate him, but being unarmed he might need leverage as the security team entered. Unexpectedly the tiny Vulcan woman grabbed a hold of what used to be his arm and proceeded to flip him over her shoulder before moving quickly to a central console.

"Computer, engage quarantine field, level 10."

After a few minutes Captain Donovan came into the Medical Bay. The guard he posted outside of sickbay were now standing inside, pulse waves at the read. Dr E'Saul and her nurse Fizi were standing on the outside of the force field running scans of the Borg Drone glaring angrily at him as he entered.

You are the Captain of this vessel I presume?" the Drone spat.

"I'm Captain James Donovan, yes. And you are?"

"I am Krotious from the house of..." His overzealous tone stopped as his memory failed him.

"I'm told memory loss is a common side effect of what happened."

"What happened? You abducted me and denied me an honorable death in battle, your science has failed and left me half machine."

The Captain paused for a moment before turning to the Doctor before asking "He doesn't know, does he?"

"Apparently not Captain, he became irate and would not allow me an explanation."

"Bring it up on the projector please, Doctor."

She tapped the terminal on her desk and an image was projected to the center of the room. It was that of a heavy tactical Borg Drone, but there was no mistake, what little of the Klingon left was Krotious. He heart sank as the Human began to speak.

"This is what we found on patrol, the lone survivor on a Borg probe in Gamma Orionis. We were salvaging wreckage to repair our own integrated Borg Systems, when you were discovered floating in a corridor. Doctor?"

She tapped the console again and the image changed. It was the same figure but much less mechanical.

"This is you now. My nurse and I have been removing parts and implants that were too damaged to repair, treating wounds as we went along. The more we removed the more your natural organs began to reassert themselves. The Brak'lul alone rejected most of the non-essential implants."

"What could you know of how to treat the Brak'lul Doctor?" His tone was overly sarcastic.

E'Saul continued "We have a crew member with... similar physical complexities."

"A Klingon on board?"

"Not quite." She paused.

"What is the last thing you remember Krotious, what was the star date?" Captain Donovan interjected.

He thought for a moment. "2401. Stardate: 78620."

"That was a decade ago, you've been Borg for the last ten years. The Doctor is trying to remove all that she can from your bo-"

"Pointless..." the drone interrupted.

"Excuse me?" the Captain asked.

"I am no longer a Klingon warrior, I'm barely even Klingon anymore. With no Honor, and no house I might as well be dead."

"We'll you're not, and we're willing to help you reclaim your life. We've contacted your people and should reach rendezvous in about an hour and a half. The Doctor could continue working to remove-"

"NO!" Krotious yelled slamming his prosthetic arm against the wall smashing part of it causing the field to flicker for a moment.

Before any one could say a word Krotious hit the wall even harder breaking any shield emitter around the medical bed. He rushed forward striking Captain Donovan knocking him clear across the room. The two guards began opening fire, the first of which caused a numbing sensation in his real arm, any shots after that seemed to be deflected by some form of shielding. He could get used to these abilities, and they would be exactly what he needed to regain his Honor.


As he awoke there was a throbbing in his head and crewman Wraith to his recollection had never been hit that hard before. He was on the floor in engineering, but there was a Borg drone on the upper level playing around with the controls. Looking around he noticed that every one else had been out cold as well and from the look of it they were in the same spot as when they were awake. Gas maybe? Some sort of pulse maybe? But the Borg don't usually operate like that. He suddenly remembered Fizi talking about the progress they were making in medical with a Tac drone they found. He moved over slowly and checked on Chief Fine, she was breathing steadily and there were no wounds.

Keeping an eye on the drone Wraith crawled slowly to the main terminal and sent a text only message to the bridge. A message back from Commander T'Pal informed him that the Captain and Commander Keating, the ships Tactical Officer, were currently locked out of engineering by force fields and from what they could tell the Klingon was adjusting a few of the power levels around the containment unit. The crazy fool was going to overload the power conduits leading into the warp core causing a breach that would destroy the ship. Wraith couldn't allow that to happen.

Frankly subtlety was never the strong point of most Augments, and Wraith was no exception. The drone was suddenly knocked clear of the console as the crewman came flying at him with both knees to the torso. Before they'd finished sliding Wraith was already on his feet and moving in to strike. Despite the fact Wraith was faster and stronger, Krotious could still take a beating. Even with how slow he was, the drone packed one hell of a punch. Wraith had to be quick and precise with each hit and even then the Klingon kept coming.

For as hard as they were hitting the fight was going no where and Wraith needed to change that so the Captain could get people in to stabilize the warp core. As the Borg swung hard with the prosthesis the Augment seized the chance and used the momentum to fling the Drone into the panel that controlled the security fields before escaping into a jefferies tube. Whether it was a matter of pride, a renewed sense of honor, or just the thrill of feeling alive again Krotious gave chase without hesitation. While he couldn't see the Starfleet dog on his sensors, it was running in fear which made it easy to track. Krotious managed to catch to catch up as his prey was exiting the tube. As he caught up he landed a staggering blow to the augment knocking him to the floor in the adjoining corridor.

As he came around the corner he was blindsided suddenly by what happened, that maybe the creature wasn't as scared or careless as he'd thought it to be and in fact lead him into a trap. This devil was fast alright, and damn near impossible to track. What ever it was it was invisible to the Borg sensor array built into what used to be his left eye socket and as he stood there looking down at the young dead white devil with the pointy ears holding a pulse wave rifle smiled up at him.

"My shields have adapted, that would not harm me."

"I don't need it to" Wraith smirked, "I just need you back ten feet so I can blow you out of an air lock."

Krotious' eye opened wide in shock as he was blasted against the outer hatch of the airlock behind him. As soon as his feet touched the ground Wraith was already up and sealing the door.


"After everything they've done to save you this is how you thank them?"

"THANK THEM?!?!? AFTER WHAT THE DID TO ME? You're lucky that I can not reach you, I would strangle you with the only hand I have left."

"Well I suppose that sealing you in the airlock was lucky indeed. The Captain rescued you and gave you back your individuality, you didn't need to go this far."

"This far and straight to the gates of Gre'thor where Fek'Ihr himself would welcome me with open arms. I was dead, a walking corpse captured in battle, and your devil eared healer brought me back a disfigured beast with no honor. Look at me and know that I will be your death for this. I know you can't do this, you're kind don't kill and your precious Starfleet wouldn't allow you-"

"That's where you're wrong, I have no species, and I'm not an officer of Star Fleet."

The thought occurred to Wraith as he placed his hands on the console that this poor being might be the closest to his kind he would ever see, he didn't even have a mirror counterpart but perhaps if not for fate or luck, this could have easily been Wraith. His expression turned to a sad one, then to pity as he sighed and activated the hatch release. A Slew of angry words spewed forth, none of which he could understand, as the Klingon was sucked out into space. Never once did either man break eye contact, not as the frost began forming on his corpse like face, not even as the Klingon transporter beam locked on and beamed him aboard. He wasn't sure how or when, but Wraith knew that some how this Krotious of Borg would return someday for revenge.

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