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Jacob is sitting at a terminal with one screen on the gas they scanned the other showing hood. He rubs his eyes

Sarah walks in.

Sarah: you should get some rest.

Jacob :i can't until I find out who made this and a quick way to reverse it.

Sarah: well then let's at least go on a walk it would do you good.

The two get up and walk around the ship.
*Matt sees them and joins them.*

Matt: Captains. Good news, we don't have any pursuers from the planet. We're now en route to Starbase 589 to drop of the survivors. They're equipped with the medical facilities and replicator facilities needed to treat Admiral Hood and the rest of the camp survivors.

They're going to be in the best of hands. Doctor Blakefield practically invented the Nanite Health Monitor Republic forces use today. If she can't kill those nanites, no one can.
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