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Jacob is sitting at a terminal with one screen on the gas they scanned the other showing hood. He rubs his eyes

Sarah walks in.

Sarah: you should get some rest.

Jacob :i can't until I find out who made this and a quick way to reverse it.

Sarah: well then let's at least go on a walk it would do you good.

The two get up and walk around the ship.
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*Preston is speaking with D'rix in his quarters about the current situation*

Preston: Yes if I know Sam the rebel leaders won't be there..

D'rix: She is a cunning woman.. but doesn't have enough plan for this. Do you really want to make peace with them?

Preston: They will have to acknowledge me, so yes I do..

*Gyunei enters the room*

Preston: Has everything been prepared in the necessary order?

Gyunei: They have been sir. From what our spy tells us they are not all appearing.. there only via holo communications..

Preston: Hmm how taciturn of them..

Gyunei: But do not fret sir we have come to the problem aptly.. The traitor plans to show his true colors.

Preston: Good. Have him ready and divulge to us.

Gyunei: Your will my hands.

Preston: About the Baron Gyunei.. Do we have him in custody?

Gyunei: Kela has taken him in and what do you have in mind sir?

Preston: He will serve his purpose keep him at Angel Halo. He will serve the plan..

Gyunei: Very well sir.

D'rix: Gyunei has the traitor arrived here yet..

Gyunei: He is right out side..

*Emil enters the room*

Emil: I have been summoned ?

D'rix: Yes.. Tell me have you learned of the location of the rebel leaders.. and all of their hiding places?

Emil: I have mam.. I was told to set it up.

Preston: For all of them... ?

Emil: Yes sir. We had to work together... in that department..

Preston: Good.. Give all the coordinates to Gyunei and suit up yourself.. You will be handling one of mind.

D'rix: You both may go set up the orders.. Have Tal send a battle group to dispose of the other.
*Sam is walking around the Station. It's been abandoned since a battle during the Shadow War destroyed Station Life Support. Since the station was already nearly 200 years old, Starfleet didn't bother repairing it.

There's an eerie feeling as Sam walks through the halls. The lack of atmosphere has preserved every single 24th-25th Century detail. As she walks into the Administrator's Office, she sees the nameplate for Commander Naomi Wildman sitting on the desk. She sighs and looks around the station.*

Sam: It's like I'm walking in a museum.

*She walks out and takes the turbolift back down to the lobby.

Once there, she feels something in her head. She walks into the tailor and looks in the mirror. The reflection shows a figure similar to Sam, but with longer hair and silver irises.*


Sam 2: What? You didn't think I'd forgotten about you, did you?

Sam: Well, I hoped. Didn't I beat the crap out of you enough last time?

Sam 2: Look, I'm not here to reminisce about old times - as fun as that always is. I'm here to give you a bit of advice.

Sam: Really?

Sam 2: Watch your back, Captain. Preston shouldn't be trusted.

Sam: And you should?

Sam 2: Fine, don't listen to me. Have fun fighting back when your leaders are dead!

Sam: What are you talking about?

Sam 2: Some things don't change. You humans always stab eachother in the back.

Sam: Sam, if there's a traitor in the rebellion you have GOT to tell me!

Sam 2: Why? Why shouldn't I just sit back and watch as your entire rebellion falls apart at the seams?

Sam: Because if you do, then I'll be on the frontlines of a war I'm losing, and I'll probably get killed or executed - or placed in a max security facility that not even a fly could sneak into. Either way, you don't get to kill me.

Sam 2: But you're still as good as dead.

Sam: But not by YOUR hands. Be honest, that's what keeps you going. That need to wring my neck personally, and watch the life drain out of my eyes.

Sam 2: I'll admit, that has its appeal - but I'd much rather throw you into a warp core.

Sam: Still... how would you do that if I'm already dead?

*Sam 2 looks away for a second, before looking back.*

Sam 2: Good point.

Your leaders are going to be attacked during the negotiations.

Sam: They aren't going to be here.

Sam 2: I know.

*Sam looks at her curiously.*

You know, that little psychic link that I use to torment you so much? Yeah, I know your plan.

*Sam's curious look turns into a glare.*

Someone betrayed you, and that someone is on Earth right now. He won't know if you move your leaders.

*The reflection fades into Sam's usual visage. Sam looks away and taps her combadge.*

Sam: Allington to Rio Grande. Open secure channel to Praetor Vala, code Ultra violet.

Rio Grande Computer: Working.

Channel open.

*Secretly, the rebel leaders are moved aboard 5 out of 20 ships at DS61. each ship travels in a different direction, masking their energy signatures and dispersing their ion trails, making them impossible to track.*

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