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02-23-2013, 07:51 AM
Originally Posted by seanaldusmagnus View Post
Because then, if they are for some reason trying to keep the new ship hush hush, people will go and blab about it on Holodeck, thus ruining the surprise of the unexpected ship. But I agree, release the ship to tribble so we can test it out first. These kinds of things would be less likely to happen then.
The sad thing is, we have this discussion every single time a c-store ship comes out. They don't bother sending it out on holodeck because it will "spoil the surprise." Even though for a week, it's all the website can talk about. Concept art in the screenshot gallery(am I the only one who sees the irony in putting everything but screenshots in the screenshot gallery?), a dev blog announcing the release date for the ship. The dev blog the very next day to list all the stats about the ship and to tell you how much money you're about to throw at your screen. Then the release of the ship, and since it was never TESTED, it's broken the first day, causing nothing but griefing to the point where they have to repatch the same day. It's sad, really. If they had just released the cursed thing to tribble the day they put the pictures in the screenshot gallery, we'd never have this issue.