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10-11-2009, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by satek06 View Post
Because, this game is gonna be something different than other MMO's. one must understand that if Cryptic wants to sell beta keys they can do it any way they wish, the games i think personally are fun for people to get online and have a little competition with each other and to get to know one another. Im sure there are plenty of people who bought the 6 month or lifetime subscriptions who already know that they are accepted into closed beta. i think the way they did this beta test offer is one of the best, u get 2 games in one in a since, but all in all good job Awen on the contests that you are doing and everyone else who has taken part in the forums.
Of course they can do what they want, doesn't mean it is the smartest move. what competition? Who can google the fastest or refresh twitter enough times? Right....that is so competition, i forgot. Silly me.

One did not get two games with the CO buyin, just one game (which may or not get played, mostly was to make CO sales look better) and acces to beta. If selling beta keys is ok why not a preorder beta?