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02-23-2013, 09:21 AM
As I have understand, I am a fairly new player, but there have been topics about this subject before and I myself wonder from time to time about this issue. It is a choice of the developpers. During tests people got desorientated so they decided to make a universe with and up and a down.

I don't believe this. It means there is a test version where we have a (more) true space flight and I don't believe there is such a version. So I think they created the game as it is from the start. It was surely a point of discussion during developpment, but that was likely the only thing. I myself gets sometimes desorientated when I have to spiral down to get there, turn, turn, turn ... where the hell am I?

A thing to consider is, this game has ground combat, a ground sphere, and space combat, a space sphere. Two total different environments when it comes to movement, yet it has to be handled by one game engine. So an idea is to make space combat/movement something that looks like moving in space, but isn't it.

And another thing. In space there is no up and down. Your space craft defines it for you. Suppose you like your ship more when it is upside down. In a true space simulation you can fly it upside down, while it looks to you the right way is up. It would make the designer silly of course, when a lot of players flip there ship over.

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