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02-23-2013, 09:41 AM
-Yesterday, Khitomer Vortex: I was in my Fed sci ship.A guy playing Klingon was being, well, mean and nasty and horrible and going on a rant about how other people should say certain things at the start rather than what was said, and about how saying what I could and couldn't do made me a moron (um, what?) So I had a go back about how he shouldn't assume what people are going to do when they don't say something and how he shouldn't assume he knows where peopld are going via telepathy or what their abilities are, as well as that I'd stated my intentions because since I'd only gotten an answer from one guy at the start that I figured maybe they either didn't speak English or hadn't seen my first message wanting to know what everyone was doing, then he went on another rant that involved a lot of acronyms and how he'd done this soooo many times (with optional! ZOMG! *rolls eyes*), then eventually we blocked each other. Then the others started chiming in, the guy who had been with the guy having a go at me wanting to know why he was by himself over there and if we were all probe hunting, the guy who'd been having a go at me on their side had spawned the Cube which was now wandering... because he'd come over to my side to start shooting at the Cube that me and the only guy who had actually said anything at the start were at to start shooting at our Cube whilst his teammate struggled with theirs. The guy in the Vesta guarding the gate piped up and said that the people who spawned the Cubes should deal with them, I agreed but I think he was talking to the Klink-what with him coming over to our side... The guy on the other side then seems to get annoyed and ignores his Cube so that wanders over to the spawn point, guy in the Vesta then says 'I shnuld let all the Probes through to teach you all a lesson' and then does. by that time though I was so mad that I really didn't care whether it failed or not and tbh was inwardly rooting for him to do it anyway. So, I was very, very mad . Why people gotta be so nasty?
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