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02-23-2013, 11:02 AM
yea, the Big B was a looser in the cash box simply because it may have been a big ship, but it wasn't the type of ship KDF players wanted. While strong, it lacks agility.

No manuverability? no sale. The only thing interesting about it are the consoles, and they can only be used on the big B's. Hopefully Cryptic learned from that error. I'm hoping in the fututre they revisit the big B's and make them more worth while to the players.. maybe some sort of fleet refit that addresses the worst of its failings which are its horrid turn rate and its not so very good cloak.

Still, don't be in to big a rush.. There is a fairly substancial rumor t the KDF faction is getting a whole buch of love coming May, though things may be a little slim untill then
(we got asked a few months back that if we had our druthers would we like a little bit at a time, or a whole bunch at once.. the concensus was a whole bunch at once though a ship now and again would be nice.)

Small dev team, a lack of clear vision as to where the game was to go. changing directions constantly, the game picked up originally by the studio carbine wasn't it? previous developer went under. Cryptic bought the rights, made game, game incomplete at launch but playable. KDF purely a PvP faction only at launch. Much change since then.

studio sold by original owner for a massivly inflated amount of money which appaerntly didn't save Atari's intrnational presence.. (Atari US was apparently able to hang onto a goodly amount of the sale price of cryptic... they still haven't a clue what they want to do with them selves, but they are still there.)

There is a lot of fun to be had KDF side. A special note, your KDF toons you will rapidly discover will make dilithium hand over fist like nobodies biz! And have more fun doing it.

Approch STO as a casual play game.. something to log into when your boored with the rest untill you learn the subtleties of it. There actually is some rather surprising depth to the game once you start getting involved with the rep and doff systems. The synergies between the systems and how they effect your main characters ship and crew are involved to say the least.

The game is F2P, so unless your allready spending money for lock boxes or c-store ships, its only costing you time to play. I personally don't like F2P.. but then I've always subscribed to the concept of you don't get something for nothing, and there aint no free lunch. It might be a gift, but it aint free.. someone always pays for it all.

Of note, I am a life time member... so I shelled out quite a bit early on. I still don't think I've gotten my moneys worth *grin* but it has gotten better.

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