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# 1 KDF needs some more love
02-23-2013, 11:09 AM
I play Fed and KDF both, but I wanted to say that I think we need some better KDF ships, especially if these eventual plans go through for a territory control game. With the Rommies coming in May I'm kind of concerned it will just make things worse.

I understand Cryptic/Perfect World is a business, and apparently the Klingon Flagship pack didn't sell as well as the Fed one, but when I notice things like the Vesta Bundle and now the new Andorian Escort bundle going Fed side, it raises some questions. Whether people pay cash or simply gring huge amounts of dil for Zen, these things DO get out there in numbers, and make what already seems to be an underdog faction (the height of irony) even further behind. The KDF really does need analogies to some of the other ship classes.

I'd also say that while maybe I missed it somewhere if an update happened (since I haven't flown my Oddy for a while) that the Flagship Cruisers do need a buff. They are supposed to represent the same "pinnacle of class" as the Vesta and Andie Escort do for theirs, yet they seem to be a console slot behind and such, where the others are more on par with fleet ships stat/console wise.

I've also felt for a while that the Oddy kind of gets screwed on a special power by not being able to launch both major "pets" (saucer and destroyer), but this is getting increasingly off topic to the bottom line that even if they don't sell as well, we need to start seeing more KDF versions of some of these sexy new Fed ships, especially if we ever want to see serious PVP, especially any kind of competitive PVP based on territory control, which seems to have been a plan I've been hearing for a long time now. Trying to balance things in the 11th hour when it's time for that release probably won't go over well, nor will dropping a lot of ships on the market at once, it takes time (both to sink in real money or farm dil) so for any long term plans to work ships need to be released early enough to give them a chance to proliferate and get out there. Dropping a new Klingon "super escort" on the market 2 days before Territory control a new year from now is meaningless for example, because not everone is going to be able to drop $50 immediatly or have hundreds of thousands of dil around, where the Feds would have had plenty of time for people who really wanted them to get them one way or another, meaning they would be out there melting faces and gutting hulls before The KDF could even begin to attempt anything close to factional parity.