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02-23-2013, 12:24 PM
Oddly, I had no problems with Hirogen in the game.
Until Cryptic announced they were were most likely revoking Hirogen as playable, I was looking forward to playing as one.
Not sure of the logic there, Romulan faction playable races are limited enough, so let's remove 25% of the options!

While they never specifically talk about the Hirogen drive technology, when Voyager downloaded a Hirogen course history file, it showed the Hirogen vessel had travelled over great distances in a relavitively short time.

So, I'm thinking that Hirogen vessels do have the capability to reach other quadrants if they push their drives hard enough.

Also, it has been established that the Ocampans and the Talaxians are already maintaining a presence in the Alpha Quadrant.
Because there are diplomatic missions relating to negotiating with their governing bodies.
With the advancement of travel technology in Star Trek Online, there are many ways they could have relocated to the Alpha Quadrant.

The first and simplest is they just used the Omega Transwarp Conduit.

Or alteratively, they could have used a Slipstream Drive to reach the Alpha Quadrant.
It is a Delta Quadrant technology, after all.

It was a plot point that the Ocampans could only live in the City provided by the Caretaker for a limited time, because the stored power he transferred to them before his demise had a limited time.
By the time of STO, this power would have been exhausted.

Which would have motivated them to leave, especially since the area of space they lived in wasn't exactly hospitable.

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