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Jacob: that's good news captain.

Sarah: yes very good news. How long till we get there.
Matt: We'll be fold-jumping in 5 minutes. After that, the station is only 10 minutes away at full impulse.

While we're waiting, I thought I'd give you a tour of the Matthew Neilson.

There are key differences between us and the Republic. We were the prototype, even if the Republic was commissioned first. There were key problems with the Zero-point cannons during the Matthew Neilson's shakedown. They overloaded easily and took half the power grid with them. The Republic was saved those issues thanks to the MAMs.

(OOC: Noticing how scarily similar this is to the Sovereign Development program? In case you're not familiar, the Sovereign prototype's Regenerative shield generator burnt out during the trials, and her deflector and sensor packages drained an impractical amount of power, hence why the Enterprise-E came into service before the Sovereign - the E's systems were less draining.

It's also reminiscent of the Defiant's Development, in that the power grid overloaded when testing her phaser cannons.)

*Main Engineering.*

Delvan (Chief Engineer, Dalosian): What's the phase ratio?

Engineer: .001 angstroms out of alignment.

Delvan: See if you can get that below .0006 angstroms. I have a bet with Lieutenant Commander Mitchell that we can beat the Republic's phase alignment.

Engineer: Yes sir.

Delvan: Delvientos, watch the subspace coil! The last thing I need is to explain why we're only getting a quarter of the power we should be!

Delvientos: Yes sir!

*Matt leads Sarah and Jacob into Engineering. The Room is 3 levels tall, with the Warp Core consisting of a tall pillar with a Dilithium reaction chamber at the second level railing. White light pulsates through the pillar into the chamber. A tube runs from the back of the room into the back of the reaction chamber with red light pulsating into the chamber. (This is typical of all Matthew Neilson-Class ships).

The Subspace Coil consists of a large tritanium block, covering the cables sending the matter-antimatter reaction energy produced by the warp core into a large ring at the top, which has white energy cycling through as the coil sends the energy through subspace tripling energy output from the Warp Core. There are 3 Master System Displays. 1 on the wall next to the door, stretching 5 meters across, and 2 "pool-table" style MSDs next to the Warp Core and Subspace Coil, each showing the status of their respective systems. (This isn't typical. The Republic has the wall MSD but only 1 "pool table" MSD between the Core and the Coil.)

There are various consoles dotted across Main Engineering (mostly on the second and third levels) and multiple Jefferies Tube access points on all three levels, as well as an equipment locker on the back wall on the second level (The Republic has one on the third level as well). There is a main entrance on the first level, with a smaller entrance on the third level and ramps linking the three (the Republic has secondary entrances on both second and third floors. It also has a lift in addition to the ramps).

It should be noted that the Matthew Neilson and the Republic are the only ships of her class in service, and that the Neilson is the prototype. Newer ships will most likely share the configuration of the Republic's Engine Room, or a new layout entirely.*

Delvan: Captain! We weren't expecting an inspection!

Matt: It's not an inspection Lieutenant. I was just giving the Captains here a tour of the ship.

Delvan: We don't have any problems down here sir. All is "ship-shape and Bristol-fashion" as you humans say.

Matt: Very good.

Will *Over comm*: Bridge to Captain Forrester, we're ready for fold-jump.

Matt: Understood Bridge. You may engage at your discretion.

Will *Over comm*: Understood.

Bridge to All hands, prepare for fold-jump.

*The warp core pulsates faster for a few seconds as the ship fold-jumps.*

Delvan: Report.

Engineer: All clear. Fold-jump went as expected.

Delvan: Alright. What about the phase-alignment?

Engineer: .0008 angstroms.

Delvan: Keep at it.

Matt: That's well within recommended limits, lieutenant.

Delvan: Sir, I threw the handbook for the ship's power systems out the airlock the moment I came on board. They aren't very realistic.

Besides, Commander Mitchell on the Republic got their phase-alignment down to .0006 angstroms out.

Matt: Well, we can't have that, now can we? Carry on.

*Matt leads the two captains around engineering before stopping in front of the warp core.*

Any questions?

*OOC: Yes, I intend to use this as an opportunity to build up the Matthew Neilson-Class' character, as well as the Matthew Neilson as an individual ship.

And, as you can see, friendly competition is another side effect of the Matthew Neilson and the Republic being the only two ships of their class in the fleet. *

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