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Sarah its a very impressive ship I will say that.

Jacob: yes very impressive. You guys did a good job.
Matt: The Republic has more advanced systems, but considering our systems were already viable, you know the old edict; "if it isn't broken, don't fix it".

*The red alert klaxon sounds.*

Will *Over comm*: Red Alert! All hands man your battle stations! Captain Forrester to the Bridge!

Matt: What the hell?

Forrester to Bridge! Status Report!

Will *Over comm*: Sir, it's Starbase 589!

Matt: What about it?!

Will *Over comm*: It's gone sir! It's been completely destroyed, along with it's 5-ship garrison fleet!

*Matt looks at the two Captains with a grim expression.*

Matt: I'm on my way.

*Matt runs to the turbolift. Upon reaching the bridge, he looks at the viewscreen, which shows a massive debris field.*

Report. What could have done that to a Starbase?

John: Whatever it is, it left in one piece. I'm only reading debris from rebel constructs.

Matt: Check again. There's no way the Imperial Fleet has that much firepower.

John: The weapons signatures show no traces of antiprotons, sir. It definitely wasn't Imperials or Rebels who destroyed the base.

Matt: What did the scan show?

John: Traces of plasma and antimatter. Consistent with Borg and Iconian weaponry.

Matt: What?

Any sign of enemy vessels in the area?

John: Negative.

Matt: Stand down from General Quarters. All decks, Yellow Alert.

Will: Aye sir.

*The ship goes to Yellow Alert.*

Matt: Captain Halsey, would you and your colleague please report to the Bridge?

(OOC: Sorry, you never gave Sarah's last name.)
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