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02-23-2013, 01:15 PM
One good point I found and would like to see is, being able to design your own weapons. What both attacks fire, what energy type they both use (maybe different) and the look of it. Just for fun, I would even make one of my guns fire the party popper effects subject, but wouldnt that be a space pvp and along with torps and beams, balloons begin inflating before u too?

My TNG themed cat uses a hand phaser, I use the elite fleet one because it looks more like the one from the shows. But as for the other end game hand phasers, they have all that holo stuff all over it and the handle looks like the tentacle on Buu's head (DBZ ref) I would like to be able to make them look like the ones from the tv shows and movies. The phaser rifles are a mess too, looking nothing like they do on the show. ...too bad you cant control the uniforms for your ships bridge eather.
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