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Ooc whoops its fisher

Jacob: this doesnt sound good.

Sarah: no it doesn't. Let's go see what all happened.

They both soon arrive on the bridge.

Sarah: so it looks like we have some major problems.

Jacob: big problems. Yes those look like Borg and iconian weapons. But why would they both attack the station. The Borg have been pretty quite for awhile now.

Sarah: in any matter we need to figure out what happened. When we came aboard I told the U.S.S Normandy to meet us here they should be here soon.
Matt: Alright. We're already scanning the debris for as much info as possible, but--

John: Matt, I just ran another analysis on the weapon signatures. You're not going to believe this, but I think they came from the same ship.

Matt: The Borg assimilated Iconian technology?

John: I doubt it. There's a reason we haven't adapted the Iconian Antimatter Gun for our ships: it's too powerful. It's also way to advanced for us to comprehend.

Matt: So the Borg couldn't have figured it out?

John: Sir, the Borg wouldn't even be able to destroy an Iconian ship. They're too powerful.

Matt: Are we assuming there was only one ship here?

John: Sir, that's what the data suggests.

And sir, even considering this, all the ships here were armed with ZPCs and ZPBs, as well as Zeta torpedoes. That's enough armament to take on a Shedai Dreadnought, with 5 ships.

Matt: Alright, call Republic Command in the Delta Quadrant. I want every piece of information we have on the Borg remnants!

And call Taragi. I want to know if ANY Iconian ships vanished from this region!

John: On it!

Sir, the Normandy is on sensors. They're arriving in-system now.

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