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02-23-2013, 01:44 PM
Sarah : if you excuse us we will beam over to the Normandy.

Jacob Sarah the macos and shuttles are beamed over.

Sarah and Jacob soon arrive on the bridge.

Sarah : well about time you guys show up.

Jacob walks over to the science area and starts running scans.

Sarah: so Jacob what are your thoughts.

Jacob: still to many unknowns but nothing good.

U.S.S Normandy

Is the first of its class built right before the empire took over and was taken by hood and his fleet when they fled.
Shields: regenerative dual shields.
Hull: advanced ablative armor
Weapons: 10 MK XV phaser banks
6 multi use torpedo tubes
15 phaser canons.
Crew: 250
Engines: advanced warp drive
Prototype impulse engine

Design : designed much like the akira class es pet it retains the original design and size but with much more advanced weapons and shields.