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02-23-2013, 12:49 PM
icegavel - nice story. But I'm confused about some of the species.
Rygo nodded. "Remata'klan," he said to his Breen Chief Tactical Officer, "go to red alert. Tactical scans, keep an eye out for that bioship."Remata'klan nodded as the alert klaxon sounded. Raydza spoke up again. "Sir, I'm reading... what appears to be a life sign on one of the larger debris chunks. It's not Undine... I think it's a drone. It's the only one left on the ship, from what I can tell."

Rygo asked, "Can you wake him? And, before you say anything Remata'klan, I know the risks. I'll take them." The Jem'Hadar grumbled.
- Presumably here the only ones in the room are Tasop, Rygo, Seven and Remata'klan. If Remata'klan is a Breen (above), then who is the Jem'Hadar?
cmdrscarlet - I'm enjoying the edgy side of Kathryn.

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