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02-23-2013, 01:22 PM

I appreciate all the work you put into the Hilbert guide, and I think it's a great 'jumping in' point for new PVP players, as well as having many suggestions for more experienced players.

I have been using the spacebar macro for about two months, and think it has some neat features for PVP and PVE.
I also used your 'Setting up sensible options' on my characters and think it helps make sure you are firing at targets whenever possible.

With this method, is there an easy way to STOP firing? I run STFs as well, and when I do ISE, for example, I try to stop shooting generators around 15%, and I have to go and right-click every weapon to turn off auto-fire so I don't kill the gen early.

I guess I could just reset my options to 'default' when I know I'm running STFs, that way I can just hit Escape when I want to stop shooting.
Then I can do the 'Setting up sensible options' whenever I am not running STFs.

But perhaps there is a better way to stop shooting that I don't know of, so I thought I'd ask. ; )

Thank you-

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