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02-23-2013, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by geoff484 View Post
Sorry if I've been posting too much lately, but I don't post unless I absolutely cannot find what I'm looking for on the forums, ugcstarbase, youtube, or google.

I'm having a problem with a mission objective though. The objective is simple - the player is to repair a ship, then beam a crew down. So there's three things I want to learn how to do (if it can be done).

first, Not too important, but I made a costume for a bird of prey - How do I get that to look damaged?

Second, do I use interact with object or interact with contact? Object doesn't allow me to choose the bird of prey as a component (maybe there's something I can hide?) and contact doesn't really make sense.

Third, after doing this, and getting the npcs that the player is supposed to beam down, how do I make the BoP an objective again with a repair animation? Do I just place another BoP over the old and swap out the state between objectives?

If anybody has any tutorials about interacting with stuff like this in space, that would be awesome.

I hope I explained this right, thank you for anyone who responds!

Lots of questions here.

1. Instead of using a npc contact, look for a damaged BoP in the details. If you use a ship as an object, then you can interact with it that way. It also works as a component.

2. If not wanting to use a ship from the details, then you can find a npc and reskin it as a BoP. I know I've done this before, but I always forget how I do it. I think there is a npc contact that vents plasma and I reskin it to the ship I want. It still vents the plasma.

3. You might have to use an invisible object as the second interact. You have to hid its descriptive text in space as something like 'energy readings."

Really though, I think if you just switch from a npc contact to a ship from the details, then you'll have a much easier time.

I hope that makes sense.