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02-23-2013, 04:29 PM
More, and less repetitive, content is absolutely needed. If you brainstormed a thread I bet you could easily fill out 20+ mission templates that could make exploration actually fun, as your own post proves; would love to play some of these.

The main issue I see is that Cryptic just doesn't seem to care about exploration, because you can't slap a price tag on it. If they actually made the exploration areas expansive and detailed, and gave exploration ships perks that actually mattered, then maybe we'd have a different story, as truly exploration focused ships could then become viable monetarily, as opposed to just giving anything borg or MACO engines as we do now

Sorry, that's a bit negative; I love the ideas, and I'd love to see it; especially anything that could involve more space missions or stuff on ships rather than on the rubbish ground maps that we have now.