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*Matt sits in his Command Chair, staring at the viewscreen displaying the massive debris field. The Normandy's navigation lights are the only thing separating her from the wreckage around her. Matt continues to look at the wreckage, sensing a feeling of remorse creep up on him as he thinks of the 1000s killed out there.

His mind also flashes back to the destruction of the Republic Fleet in the Borg Assault just a few years earlier. He remembers seeing the probe telemetry of the hundreds of ships, all destroyed, on the Odysseus' Viewscreen.

He comes back to the present, staring at the screen with a grim expression.*

Matt: Screen off.

Ops: Aye sir.

*The screen deactivates, showing the grey wall of the bridge behind it.*

Matt: John, tell me you have more information.

John: Sorry sir.

Matt: Keep at it.

*He sighs before standing up and walking over to the Ops station.*

Lieutenant, where's the next closest Medical Station?

Ops: Delta Auricon. It's... 34 hours away at maximum warp.

Matt: Helm, lay in a course for Delta Auricon, Warp 14.

Helm: Aye sir.

Matt: Where's the next closest Starbase?

Ops: Starbase 591 is 20 minutes away at Maximum Warp.

Matt: Raise them on Subspace. They can send another ship to investigate. We have wounded to attend to.

Ops: Understood.

*The Ops officer starts tapping controls, trying to raise Starbase 591.*

Starbase 591, this is R.S.S. Matthew Neilson.

*Matt sits back down and looks at the Helm officer.*

Matt: Engage.

*The Matthew Neilson jumps to warp.*

Ops: Starbase 591, please respond.

*Matt looks at the Ops officer, a sinking feeling raising in his stomach.*

R.S.S. Matthew Neilson to Starbase 591, please respond on this frequency.

Matt: Try the U.S.S. Galileo! She's supposed to be guarding the base!

Ops: R.S.S. Matthew Neilson to U.S.S. Galileo, please respond.

R.S.S. Matthew Neilson to U.S.S. Galileo, come in please!

Matt: Red Alert! *The Red Alert Klaxon sounds* Helm, change course for Starbase 591, maximum warp!

Helm: Aye sir!

Matt: Notify the Normandy!

Open a priority 1 Channel to all Allied ships in the sector!

Ops: Normandy has been notified, you're on sector comm!

Matt: All allied vessels and starbases in Sector 371, this is the R.S.S. Matthew Neilson! Starbase 589 has been destroyed along with her Garrison fleet! We have also lost contact with Starbase 591 and are proceeding at maximum warp! We are requesting that all ships not on Priority 1 missions return to the nearest base for defence operations! This is a Priority 1 Disaster order! Authorisation code: Forrester Alpha-Alpha-Tango-Nine-Sigma-Twelve-Two-Seven! I repeat, this is a Priority One Disaster order!
*The R.S.S. Matthew Neilson arrives at Starbase 591. In orbit, there's a massive field of debris, some of which is falling into the atmosphere of the nearby M-Class Planet that the Starbase is stationed on. There is also a Federation Allen-Class Tactical Exploration Cruiser in orbit, having arrived minutes earlier.

Matthew Neilson, bridge. Matt is staring at the viewscreen grimly again.*

Matt: Report.

John: The U.S.S. Galileo and the Orbital Station have both been destroyed. There is no foreign debris.

Sir, there's no sign of the Starbase on the planet.

Matt: John... there were over 3000 people manning that base, and over 3 billion colonists on the planet.

John: Sensors show no life signs.

Matt: John, there are 3 Billion people down there.

John: Yes sir... all dead...

*Matt looks at Will, who has a look of horror on his face.*

The U.S.S. Titan is in orbit with us sir.

Matt: Hail them.

Ops: Channel open.

*Matt looks back at the screen, seeing a Starfleet Captain looking in horror back at him.*

Matt: Titan, this is Matthew Neilson. What can you tell us?

Titan Captain: This is Captain Daniel Forge of the U.S.S. Titan. Unfortunately we know very little, Captain. We got here just before you did. We heard your disaster call and were on our way here to respond, but...

Matt: Did you see anything?

Daniel Forge: Negative. The attack was long over by the time we arrived.

Matt: Captain, how many survivors can you take?

Daniel Forge: Survivors?

How many do you need us to take?

Matt: We rescued 78 people from an Imperial Prison planet. They need transfer to Delta Auricon. Keep them in Quarantine. They've been infected by a nanite virus.

Daniel Forge: Understood. Standing by for transfer.

Matt: Delta Auricon is already expecting them, I'll notify them that you'll be carrying them for the final leg of the trip.

Daniel Forge: Copy that.

*After a few minutes, all the survivors are beamed aboard the U.S.S. Titan, save Hawk.*

Captain, we're showing only 77 survivors have transferred. Is something wrong?

Matt: The last survivor is in critical condition, and cannot be moved.

Daniel Forge: Understood. We'll proceed to Delta Auricon immediately. Titan out.

*The Titan enters Slipstream.*

Ops: Sir, message coming in from Admiral Ramez. Republic Command and the other Rebel Leaders have given you command authority in this sector.

Matt: Thank you lieutenant.

John, use the data from this attack and Starbase 589 to plot a course and estimate where the next attack will take place.

John: Aye sir.

Alright, assuming they're following a straight line, their next target will likely be Starbase 592, but if they're travelling from base to base their next target will be Outpost Lima 9.

Matt: Notify all ships in the sector to converge on those stations. Inform the Normandy to meet us at Lima 9.

Ops: Aye sir. Do I tell them about the survivor transfer?

Matt: Yes, but inform them that I've been given command of all vessels in the sector, and that that includes them.

Ops: Yes sir.

Matt: Helm, set course for Lima 9, maximum warp.

Helm: Course laid in.

Matt: Engage.

*The Matthew Neilson jumps to warp.*

Ops, make contact with Lima 9.

Ops: I already have sir. They're at Red Alert and preparing for an attack.

Matt: And Starbase 592?

Ops: Situation is the same - they're preparing for an attack.

Matt: Very well. Maintain Red Alert.

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