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02-23-2013, 03:36 PM
Not the worst Ive seen but merely the most recent, I quened up for an ISE pug yesterday (what can I say I was bored?) I get in, there is a breen ship with 1/2 a screen of wounds, a garumba, oddy and some escort or other(me in Voquv).

Breen guy dies before I even have a chance to clear the OPS report, we pop cube 1 sphere, breen guy respawns and insta gibs from something we kill last sphere.

So the Garumba, the scort, Oddy and I head left to start on the cuble and gate guard. breen guy goes kirking off to the right, now normally we might should have said come left but I think we all thought hed just blow generators early, so better if he plays sir dies alot with r cube. We do however say in chat do not under any circumstances shoot at gens.

any way we pop left cube pop gens together pop gate guard and start to clean up the nanites. During this time breen guy has been alive perhaps a max of 40 sec with prob several minutes worth of respawn timer.

We finish off next to last nanite and what do you think warps in the gate? yup picard over there poped a gen, we left