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02-23-2013, 05:15 PM
Well as psiameese stated it could work as a mini-faction.

A player driven form of economy similar to what the dilithium exchange is like now, however the economy would have to be delivered via GPL it is the true universal currency.

I see EC as Military Script, and GPL as full known currency.

What if we had this faction for those with a Tuffli? a true civilian ship I believe both sides can obtain. It also allows us to have the "I'm an admiral and I have free time" gimick people are running around with. Or the "Reserve" idea which lets the military personnel to do their own thing while still being on standby to serve.

This way the faction has its limited player base to begin the start up, and give this micro faction a random mission generator for multiple things like, "deliver cargo, establish trade lines (for those with a high diplomatic rank) and profit from them like doff missions, assist in setting up colonies, etc" The rewards for these missions would be GPL.

small things like that where those with a tuffli can earn EC and GPL, the EC of course would be converted from GPL or the GPL can be used to buy specific items at cost to sell on the exchange for EC.

Pitch your own ideas.