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10-11-2009, 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by Ziktur View Post
Of course they can do what they want, doesn't mean it is the smartest move. what competition? Who can google the fastest or refresh twitter enough times? Right....that is so competition, i forgot. Silly me.

One did not get two games with the CO buyin, just one game (which may or not get played, mostly was to make CO sales look better) and acces to beta. If selling beta keys is ok why not a preorder beta?
I have to ask... How does this affect you?

You say it "makes no sense".. How so?

What I got from your post(s) is this; you want access to beta, and you want pre-order beta so you can get in on it... Right? Fine, but why complain about the way they are doing it? Are you complaining because you failed to secure a key in the few contests?

Besides, whos to say they wont do preorder beta? Maybe they don't want to do pre-order beta because they gave most of the slots away with the CO subs... But that doesn't mean that what they are doing "makes no sense"...

IMO the pre-order subs was a great idea. I would have done it. It was marketing genius. I bought the 6-month for 2 reasons. First because I liked playing CO, and second, because if the STO beta. Some people just wanted the STO beta, and some couldn't care less, but I say to each their own to that.