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02-23-2013, 04:45 PM
Originally Posted by thebumble View Post
That entire question session was a non-answer full of ifs and maybes.

Even if they do bring the Romulan faction into the game, how much content do you think their going to add? They ((Romulans)) already have the Tau Dewa Sector. We'll get a couple generically neutral ships for the masses and more Z-Store ships ((For the weekend warriors who don't care how bad the games grind has gotten, or the amount of bugs that run through it.)) then maaaaybe a 5 mission story arc like the Jem Hadar. Not going to be that big though...

The Federation players would start posting whine threads on the forums all over again if the spotlight was taken off them..
With that kind of rampant pessimism you might as well Insert D'ktag between cervical vertebrae 3 and 4.....

Just kidding. But, it's still futile. We'll get what we get. Rampant speculation is a waste of time.

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