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Originally Posted by indyshark View Post
I tend to buy refugees since I don't have enough to cover all of the missions I run. I have a list of all of the asylum missions and have started a list of common refugees that match all of the critical traits. For instance

Andoria- There are three perfect refugees (Then Asnelav, Thylos Asali, and Rysva Byls)
Earth - Two perfect refugees (Neva Gertrudis Wahid, and Jeffery Toby Lamar)
Rigel - One, Syulag
Trill - One, Nervu

I have not found any for Bajor, Benzar, Betazed, Bolarus IX, Caitan, Sauria, Tellar Prime, or Vulcan. Can you identify any of the missing refugees?
Perfect Vulcan/Tellar Prime/Betazed - T'Raalu(Vulcan) - logical, stubborn, telepathic, ff

Perfect Tellar Prime - Pudo(Tellarite), Doza(Tellarite), T'Raalu (above-mentioned Vulcan)

Perfect Trill are also perfect Earth - Neva and Jeffrey

A suggestion - if you could update the original post with additional names as they are listed, it would be very helpful.
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