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# 1 Mooching and You
02-23-2013, 06:39 PM
So, I just left an infected run. The second I zone in I noticed that the optional had already failed and we were one person short, lovely.

Still, I soldiered on, trying to pick up the pieces and move forward when I noticed an idler parked on the other side of the planet, tried to kite some mobs over to force a reaction but they apparently dont go that far.

Come to find out, this person is fully engaged... in the act of mooching.

They held a convo with me for a bit even.

So, I did what I usually do in these situations, reported them.

The thing thats nagging me is that this person rationalized this activity by pointing out "Its just a game"

So? You mooching is ruining everyone elses fun, 1 person mooching can ruin the run, especially in PUG.

Something needs to be done about this, I know there are a lot of topics calling for the same thing, but its a growing problem that should have been snuffed out a whole hell of a lot sooner.

What to do when this happens?

Right click on user and report to GM for idling in stf, before you do so see if they react to any tells first, adds to the report if they are actively mooching and not AFK.

Right now this is the only way we can combat this, and I believe not enough people are using this option since I tend to see the same people doing it over and over.
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