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Originally Posted by je11yfish View Post
Things you can do to boost turn rate directly:
0) engine choice: combat/impulse/hyper
1) impulse thruster skill
2) RCS accelerator console / tachyokinetic converter (pick one; a 2nd is negligible)
3) chevron separation (6 --> 14.5)
4) different ship

Things you can do to boost turn rate indirectly:
1) higher engine power setting
2) higher engine power skill
3) higher engine power console -- Injector Assembly
4) EPtE
5) Aux2Batt
6) MACO shield (very minor)
7) Omega shield
8) APO (major)
9) Aux2Damp (major)
10) Evasive Maneuvers (very major)

Things you can do to make turn rate less relevant:
1) position yourself appropriately; forethought
-- Ex. Federation Fleet Alert -- sit above the starbase and pivot as needed
2) leverage firing arcs
-- beam array = one 250-degree firing arc
-- beam array broadside = two 70-degree firing arcs
-- mines = point-blank 360-degree firing arc
3) immobilize enemy
-- phaser/polaron procs <10km -- 7 beams + BFAW
-- chroniton procs <10km
-- beam target engines <10km -- Odyssey SCI
-- tractor beams <5km
-- EWP point-blank ~0.5km

I don't fly an Odyssey but if I did I would probably set it up like this, assuming you are able to have Chevron Separation active 100% of the time:

ENG CDR: EPtW1 Aux2Batt1 EPtS3 DEM3/EWP3
Doffs: purple Technician x3

^ that eliminates redundancy and frees up your UNI LCDR to be adaptable, which is supposed to be one of the perks of flying an Odyssey. If for some reason you can't maintain 100% uptime on Chevron Separation, or you demand even more maneuverability, then you can use the UNI LCDR as follows to compensate:

UNI LCDR ENG: (whatever) Aux2Damp1 (whatever) ... ~75% uptime with Aux2Batt above
UNI LCDR TAC: (whatever) (whatever) APO1 ... ~60% uptime with Aux2Batt above

Adapted MACO engine -- for combat impulse
Adapted MACO shield -- 2-set bonus adds another ~5 power to all when used with Aux2B
MACO deflector -- boosts Adapted MACO shield further and mitigates hull loss due to chevron separation

You can also commit to shifting power to compensate, such as:
100/50/25/25 default --> shift to 50/50/75/25 when necessary

Some reasonable DOFF ideas that might make cruisers more appealing:
(who knows, maybe something like this will be available someday)
1) Improve turn rate on use of Aux2Damp
2) Improve turn rate on use of EPtE
3) Improve tractor beam range to 7.5km on use of Tractor Beam
I think you forgot to mention that old standby: Reverse Engines. You can sling the front around quickly that way.