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02-23-2013, 06:29 PM
To any dev reading this:

The issue with the borg damage is that their weapons are having sudden, random, massive damage spike.

I have seen these damage spikes only occur in two weapons: heavy plasma cannon and plasma torpedo.

Note: the plasma torpedo only spikes when it is unbuffed. Aka no heavy plasma no critical hit shown in the log.

These spikes happen when ships are full shield and full hull.

The spikes are very curious in the sense that they completely ignore ship resists. This is easily seen with the heavy plasma... The combat log always shows something like this:

Heavy plasma cannon hits your shields for 12576 (7235) damage

The damage is higher than the base damage yet there is no crit proc nor any weapon buff indicated or seen in the borg ship cube itself. The shots before or after it show the normal inflicted damage being lower than the base damage.

Now..the curious this is this is direct shield damage. Your shields are 100% then POW they're gone.

This bug has always been around even when they allegedly 'fixed it' . However as of a couple of patches ago, the rate in which these spikes happen has increases so dramatically that every single encounter with an elite stf borg means you will get at least 5 to 10 such insane hits before the enemy borg ship dies.

Now I want to make this very clear: My ship setup is such that it is an absolute monster tank.

Its damage output is garbage however. I'm a pure threat control and shield tank ship.

Prior to one month ago, my ship was capable of tanking the ISE gate, all the spheres and the tac cube at the ISE nonstop (except for the low-chance BS supertorpedo hit that would strike for 500k~ dmg and 1-shot me). It was NOT easy to do and it took me a long time to get the right gear, boff setup and even power bar layout set up to keep the more than 4 cycled tanking abilities running nonstop.

Understand this: My tank back then did NOT lose shields. the worst danger was a shield dropped to 20% from a mini-lag spike or a power bar that I clicked and decided not to activate. My setup kept my shields up.

Now however, with the exact same setup... I have died twice and more to the mere cube at the start of ISE when out of freaking nowhere my shields were dropped so fast not even tac team (which was running!) could balance shields fast enough to plug the shield back up before the next spike damage hit obliterated my vessel.

the tac cube and gate pull nonstop spike hits which make it impossible even for my tanking setup to even dream of tanking more than one at a time. I'm talking serious garbage where your 100% shield and hull ship takes the FIRST hit from the enemy while all buffs are up and full wing of shield drones buzzing around me and my shield is gone along with 40% of my hull. All in one ridiculous burst of super-spike damage heavy plasma cannon (~12 to 40k dmg hits each).

My plasma resists? KHG shield mk 12 running 70 shield power and upped to 125 via emg2shld III/II + trnsf shld str 3&2. You figure out how much plasma shield resist I have. My shields are 14k thick each facing. I've even increased it to 18k with multiple extra shield hp boosters. Still nothing. one hit and its gone.

So yes, there IS a BIG change done to the borg weapons as of a few patches ago.

My best guess from observing this... something to do with the cutting beam.

This crap begun when the damage boost to the tractor/cutting beam combo was changed. I think there is some effect from the cutting beam that is not showing up on player's effects bar that is completely negating ship resists for the weapon the borg fires following the cutting beam. That weapon is the heavy plasma cannon and plasma torpedo.

The spheres do not exhibit this type of damage spike behavior. Do they not have cutting beams? (never seen them use it). Could be a place to start.

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