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Hello forum.

Recently, I got some foundry slots so I thought I'd put them to use.

Mission Name: Temporal Investigations
Author: @enterprise629
Minimum Level: Any Level
Allegiance: Federation
Estimated Mission Length: Awaiting Feedback. Depends on the player.

Incoming message:

I have a contact for you on channel 2, he's hailing us [Rank].

He claims he works with the federation, but our records indicate no signs of his existence. Shall I put him through? From the looks of him [Rank], he's not from these parts... our time.

I think we should investigate.

(Please be aware after you hail the contact, more mission details are given).

Again, this is my first ever mission, so any notes how to improve, or any bugs and what not are welcome.

Thank you.

Preview Images:

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